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Micron Measures Pty Ltd provides a 3D Laser Scanning / Reverse Engineering service and also a Metrology / Measurement and Inspection service.

We are based in Adelaide, South Australia but our services are available throughout Australia and internationally.

3D Laser Scanning / Reverse Engineering

With our 3D laser scanner technology, we can scan millions of points over your product’s surface and use that cloud point data to generate a Solid 3D CAD model. We can also digitise any Geometric feature your product might have with our CMM touch probe.

Metrology / Measurement and Inspection

With our CMM and laser scanner we can verify your part/product against the nominal 3D CAD data. We can also verify any product to a Dimension Drawing you may have, or even simply measure any point to point on your product giving you a 3D measurement result.


About Us

Established in 2008, Micron Measures Pty Ltd is owned and operated by Ryan Faraguna & Joseph Janica based in Adelaide, South Australia. We provide Metrology inspection, 3D scanning and Engineering service.

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